Marvel Slots Threatened

Slot machines are a very popular part of casino gaming, as well as often appearing in pubs and amusement arcades for entertainment. In order to increase interest and attract custom, Marvel Comics , the company behind the popular figures of Spiderman and The Hulk, amongst others, have for a number of years being in partnership with the casino industry, and have developed a number of slot machines that feature famous Marvel characters as part of their games. However, these popular slot machines are now coming under threat, since Disney have recently bought Marvel Comics and are now preparing to take over the running of this multi-million pound corporation.

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The Disney Corporation is traditionally a wholesome, family orientated brand name. Now that it has bought Marvel Comics for four billion dollars, it is feared that the slot machines that use Marvel characters as part of their games may no longer be able to run. The possibility has been voiced that slot machines will no longer be used as part of the Marvel brand because slot machines do not fit in with the Disney brand.
Although Disney might not want to associate itself with online casinos or slot machines, there is some good news. A contract for the online Marvel slot machines is still running, so they will remain in place for the next few years. However, it is unclear what will happen to the large amount of slot machines after the contract ends. Marvel Comics own slot machines both online and in various casinos around the world, and they are extremely popular with players, because of the association they have with popular culture.

Despite the speculation surrounding Marvel slots, Cryptologic vice president of business, Justin Thouin has expressed that it is unlikely that Marvel slots will come to an end:

“We do not anticipate the potential purchase of Marvel by Disney to impact our ability to continue to offer these games’.
Disney now plans to brand the traditional Marvel characters as part of its wider Disney franchise, and there is even the possibility that Spiderman et al will soon be seen at Disneyland alongside more traditional characters such as Mickey Mouse and Snow White. The Marvel slot machines currently have games based on Spiderman, the X-Men and Daredevil, amongst others.

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