Hasbro offer Monopoly license to PopCap

Hasbro are one of the world's biggest names in the world of boardgames, after they brought one of the genre's biggest successes to households around the globe...

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It now appears that Hasbro have licensed their smash hit boardgame Monopoly to a new casual games providers. The latest licensee for Monopoly is PopCap games Incorporated – the two companies have struck a deal which will allow the Monopoly Party social title to their Lucky Gem casino on Facebook.

PopCap Games are a Seattle based company, who became established in 2000; they were subsequently acquired by gaming developers Electronic Arts last year – this deal was estimated to be worth a massive $750 million.

The companies have said that the introduction of Monopoly Party is the first ever third-party licensing at the Lucky Gem casino; meanwhile, Hasbro have announced their pleasure at the deal, stating that it is the company's first venture in the “dynamic casino-themed social games” genre.

Bart Barden, Franchise Business Director for PopCap, recently spoke about his company's latest deal with the legendary boardgame makers, saying: “We are delighted to welcome the iconic Monopoly brand from Hasbro into the Lucky Gem Casino,

“We've worked hard to create a spinning reel game experience that truly reflects the shared fun and excitement of Monopoly as represented across a wide range of gaming platforms while also maintaining the ultra-high standards that Monopoly fans expect.” he added.

The PopCap Lucky Gem casino was launched at the beginning of the year; it features on the popular social-networking site Facebook, and allows its users to play alone or with their friends on Facebook.

PopCap have also hinted that they will be expanding their offerings on Facebook through the Lucky Gem casino in the very near future, advising fans to keep their eyes peeled for further developments.

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