Virgin Casino Slot Fever bingo promotion gets into full swing

While many online gaming operators have their operations spanning several sectors (such as online bingo, casinos and poker), few of them have the initiative to merge these sectors through one unified brand name...

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Fortunately for Virgin Casino, they are aiming to set the trend by offering their customers the ability to play bingo on their casino account and vice versa. Both players at Virgin Casino and Virgin Bingo will be able to take advantage of the latest offer from Monday 30th April to Sunday 6th of May – giving them a full week to see what life is like on the “other side of the glass”.

The latest promotion has been entitled 'Slot Fever' and is aimed to integration between online slots and online bingo customers. In essence, online slot customers will be able to earn themselves free games of online bingo at Virgin Bingo by fulfilling a certain amount of criteria whilst playing.

All players have to do in order to get involved it press the daily bonus code and 'opt in' to the promotion; they will them be able to access a free bingo game after they have wagered £15 at online slots before 20:30 – the free game on offer is the potentially lucrative £250 cash game, which starts on a daily basis at 21:00.

Players who want to get involved in this promotion do not even need to worry about keeping tabs on exactly how much they have spent at the online slots; they will be informed of exactly when they have met the qualification criteria for the daily bingo game via a handy pop up congratulatory message.

Access to the free bingo room will be available from 20:45, with players advised to turn up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

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